Purchase of iron and metals

buys back your metals

Individuals or professionals, we buy your metals.
We sort the metals by category and alloy and then send them to the metallurgical industries. It is there that they will be transformed into metal products after being remelted. We support the recycling of all materials.

How it works ?

Do you want to sell your materials? Several choices are possible:

  • We receive directly at our place in Kopstal from Monday to Friday
  • Request removal by crane truck within 100km of Kopstal
  • The price varies daily, contact us for the redemption price.
  • A know-how

    + 12 tons of metals collected in 2020 The purchase of iron and metals allows us to valorize it at 100% thanks to our knowledge of exploitable materials.
    Evaluation by quote
    Recovery of materials on site

    Contact us

    For more information on the purchase of iron and metals and their recovery, contact us!